Tuesday, April 05, 2011

See The Video: SpaceX Introduces Falcon Heavy


Gaetano Marano said...


a) Mr. Musk and SpaceX are able to change the laws of physics and mathematics, or ...

b) they have not told the truth in this bombastic announcement about the real F9H specs


Russell said...

No thanks.

TWENTY-SEVEN (27) bleeping engines. The Russians tried this approach on their huge N-1 rocket near the end of the Moon race and each of the things experienced engine and/or plumbing problems leading to cascading failure and catastrophic loss.

If we're going to go big by bolting three "core" rockets together, let's stick to the proven Delta IV Heavy with only three (3) engines to worry about.

Better yet: light up ONE (1) big, bad, thoroughly proven and highly educated solid rocket booster and let the 3.2 million pounds of thrust fly you strongly and safely into space every time.

Give me Liberty or give me... Ares I / Orion !! :]

Bruce said...

Anything to break the California Rocket Cartel. When we get rocket launches down to hundreds of thousands of dollars, then we can celebrate.

Russell said...

Sorry, Bruce... but the last time I checked, SpaceX is based in Los Angeles (Hawthorne) CALIFORNIA; ULA's Delta IVs come from Alabama and the Ares I / Liberty rocket will be made by ATK in Utah.

More to the point: if you truly believe that complex three-core, twenty-seven engine rockets -- particularly the man-rated variety -- will EVER be built and flown for "hundreds of thousands of dollars," you are living in an alternate universe.