Monday, February 01, 2010

Obama Budget Touts Commercial Human Spaceflight

President Obama is ditching NASA's push to return astronauts to the moon in favor of "launching a bold new effort that invests in American ingenuity for developing more capable and innovative technologies for future space exploration, according to a summary of the administration's 2011 budget proposal.

The budget also:

++Develops and deploys technologies to reduce future space mission costs, expand opportunities and grow the American economy.

++Supports extension and enhanced utilization of the International Space Station.

++Supports promising commercial space transportation.

++Commits funds to safely and prudently fly the remaining space shuttle flights.

Check out the four-page NASA Budget Summary HERE


Anonymous said...

Over twenty years ago Rockwell International sold this Glorified Social Welfare Program to Congress and the US Tax Payers were robbed of several billions over that period of time.

Rockwell said that this was a Space Plane and would take off and land much like an airline would and turn-around time would be in the days and at most weeks. NOT!!!!

The Space Plane never did what Rockwell sold to the taxpayers but that didn't delay the checks from congress into Defense Contractor’s Bank Accounts.
They got rich and we got broke funding the SCAM.

Then along came the Bush's boys who decided it was much more profitable for their contributors (Defense Contractors) to fight wars than it was to explore space, so here we are today.

You should never vote for a Republican Conservative.
That's like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Red State" Mr. Obama?

I knew you could.

Anonymous said...

yep, must be Bush's fault.