Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obama's Visit to KSC


Clark C. McClelland, ScO said...

I have worked in our National Space Program before NASA was born.
We have HIGH TREASON destroying OUR National Manned Space Program.
I sent this to all 100 US Senators and Pelosi today.
If the USA gives OUR ISS to Russia, it may be the end of the USA as we now know it.
If you wish to print this with my comments, please do so.
Obama is visiting KSC tomorrow. It is important to call it as it is.
TREASON is destroying OUR Manned Space Program. It MUST BE STOPPED. Clark

Cancel ALL FOREIGN AID $$$ Programs NOW!!
The Manned Space Program of the USA is HOMELAND SECURITY! OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE!! Support it NOW!!
Tell Obama to contact me if he wants to get an ear full of TRUTH.
Or better yet, YOU tell him OFF for OUR aerospace teams at KSC. LOL.
I worked in the US Space Program for most of my life. 669 missions launched or witnessed.
The destruction of OUR world leading program by the criminal, Obama and his secret Shadow Government is HIGH TREASON against every birth right tax paying patriotic citizen in this once great nation. That includes YOU.
IF the US Senate passes his destructive bill to destroy OUR Manned Space Program THEY will be sentenced as fellow High Treason criminals with Obama.
DO NOT ALLOW OUR MANNED SPACE PROGRAM to fall into the hands of what many call a "past" enemy nation, called Russia. It is insane to do so. YOU know that.
The three remaining Space Shuttle can fly for many more years. Keep them flying until the USA has another trustworthy spacecraft to carry on our national pride.
Cut foreign aid and gain the $$ required for that future craft. How about the TR-3B?
OUR national citizens paid 97 % of the cost of that International Space
Station. IT IS OURS!!! MUST WE GIVE IT AWAY like so many other FREEBIES. NO!!
VOTE to KEEP the Space Shuttles flying.
Or else!
Clark C. McClelland, ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida 1958 to 1992.

a dude said...

OMG Is SOOO refreshing to hear a US President with an actual BRAIN. What a great speaker, with vision.

Well done, those who voted for Mr O.

BirdmanofKSC said...

A couple of thoughts:
--You can't a space program without a jobs program; people
have to earn a living.
--Stopping shuttle w/o a way to get mass to AND from ISS is
a bad idea. Nothing has been put forth about using the PLMs
and the extensive infrastructure for loading and testing them.
--The ultimate goal of any "path" has to be the permanent
colonization of space.

Anonymous said...

Obama blamed Bush 3 times; had no specific time plan and was spouting generalities and spin to make it sound good, but in reality, he is postponing manned space and buying Russian launches for 10 years.
He needs some good sound smart advice, and the Augustine report just gave generalities, too.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone get it? JOBS require programs and launches!

Obama has not proposed either, and he is delaying the manned program, like Armstrong said. He has no clue.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the President is really trying to do the right thing. He's got to pick a careful balance while trying to help everyone involved. But there's only so much one can do in this situation and it makes no sense to do anything other than what he's proposed. I'm sure it'll need a tweak here and there, but overall it sounds like a smart move for the country.

Anonymous said...

Bush killed the manned space program.
We can't fly the shuttle forever. And to keep
it going just as a jobs program is corporate
welfare. We need infrastructure work done.
Get those Eng. and techs working on better
roads, bridges and rail systems. We get more from
unmanned space programs anyway.