Monday, May 11, 2009

Live: Atlantis safely on way to orbit

The shuttle and its crew is on its way to orbit.

Atlantis' crew was given an indication of trouble with its main propulsion system, but it was a minor issue and the astronauts were told they needed to take no action. The engines operated as they were supposed to. The problem was simply a sensor failure, sending bad information back to the launch team.

The solid rocket boosters have fallen away and Atlantis' ride to orbit continues smoothly. The shuttle is slightly more than half way to orbit.

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Anonymous said...

On the NASA-TV replays (KSC DOAMS TV-16 camera) a large chunk of ice appears to have come off the outboard side of the left SRB and passed under the left wing and appears to MAYBE have hit it, just a couple moments after liftoff. It seemed to vaporize as it passed by, but it's quite unclear (to me) though if it hit or fell beneath the wing, just outboard of the SRB (from the camera's perspective)