Friday, March 03, 2006

Russian shuttle model on eBay

Merritt Island's Ray Ganoe is working through a Cocoa broker to attempt to sell his 1/8 scale model of the Russian space shuttle, the Buran, on eBay. (Look here.) The listing says it's one of two remaining such models. It's about 15 feet long. You can use the "Buy it now" option if you have half a million bucks handy. Otherwise, the starting bid is $98,000 - and there were no bids as of this post. It's been on sale since Thursday. It's a 10-day auction. "We kind of really expect it to sell," says Terry Yeomans, who works with Wanted Antiques in Cocoa. A couple of people are interested, he says, and there likely will be some action by the middle of next week. At least, they hope so. (Photo used with permission.)

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