Wednesday, September 08, 2010

KSC to evaluate water status at noon

Senior Kennedy Space Center staff met recently and plan to meet again at noon to evaluate the impact of a water main break this morning.

Officially, the center has not ruled out reopening for the day's second shift.

However, the severity of the water main break is still being assessed.

Center staff are responding to one break of a 24-inch main a short distance from the Vehicle Assembly Building and turn basin. Gushing water has carved a cutout along a roadside ditch.

NASA could not yet confirm if that is the only break.

Officials say there is water in the system if needed for emergency use.

First shift employees were notified that the center would close through e-mails form supervisors and phone chains. Some were already at work or on their way in.

Preparations for the next shuttle launch, planned Nov. 1, include several contingency days, so no impact to the launch date is expected unless the problem drags on for days.

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