Monday, May 03, 2010

NASA to preview final flight of Atlantis

NASA officials and a crew of astronauts today will preview the 132nd shuttle mission -- the final planned flight of Atlantis -- which is targeted for launch at 2:20 p.m. May 14.

You can watch the series of media briefings hosted by Johnson Space Center live here. Just click on the NASA TV box at right to launch a video player.

Here's the lineup:

++ 9 a.m.: Program Overview
++ 10:30 a.m.: Mission Overview
++ 1:30 p.m.: Spacewalk Overview
++ 2 p.m.: Crew News Conference

The veteran crew of six is led by mission commander Ken Ham, who's joined by pilot Tony Antonelli and mission specialists Steve Bowen, Mike Good, Garrett Reisman and Piers Sellers.

They plan to fly a 12-day mission to deliver a Russian module and spare parts to the International Space Station. Three spacewalks are planned.

The mission is one of three remaining before NASA retires the shuttle fleet.


Anonymous said...

The last mission for our beloved Atlantis.......this totally sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow No Shuttle No moon No job Nobama ! What a great Space visionary Not !

Anonymous said...

When it comes back, and they roll it back into the OPF, what will they do? Usually they begin turning it around for the next flight. This time there is no next flight, except for a piggy-back ride to where ever it winds up. Guess they will have to prepare it for static display? Will they remove the avionics and all that? What will they do?

I'm sure someone out there knows.

Anonymous said...

Save Atlantis!

Anonymous said...

I believe that Atlantis will be the Launch on Need shuttle for Endeavor's last flight. Since that would mean something's gone wrong, let's hope the May launch is the last one for Atlantis.

henrysoup said...

You should have complained about this six years ago. We can only pray that it comes back down in on piece/ The shuttle has never bee a safe trip. Two failures in a hundred and thirty two attempts. Would you drive a car that you thought would result in your death within sixty five trips ?? I think not