Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Space Florida finalists named

In the search for a new Space Florida director, five finalists will be interviewed before Sept. 17, when the Space Florida Board of Directors is expected to vote on a new director during a teleconferenced meeting.

A Space Florida spokesman confirmed the five final candidates are:
1. Frank Dibello, current acting interim president
2. Shana Dale, former NASA deputy administrator
3. Andy Aldrin, Buzz Aldrin's son and current United Launch Alliance employee
4. Will Trafton, former International Launch Services and Sea Launch employee
5. Debra Facktor-Lepore, former Rocketplane Kistler VP for business development

The new director is expected to be named before the next board meeting Sept. 22 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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Anonymous said...

Why is "Buzz Aldrin's son" a qualification for this post?

Buzz Lightyear was Andy's toy - maybe Woody should be the SF director!