Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SpaceX Gives World A View Inside Dragon

The company aiming to launch the first commercial cargo freighter to the International Space Station is giving the world a look inside its Dragon spacecraft.

SpaceX of Hawthorne, Calif., this week released an interactive panorama that takes viewers inside a Dragon spacecraft like the one the company plans to launch on a demonstration mission to the station in late March. You can check out the panorama HERE.

A Falcon 9 rocket is tentatively scheduled to blast off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station around March 20, boosting a Dragon spacecraft on the first leg of an inaugural flight to the outpost. The goal of the mission is to demonstrate the Dragon can safely and reliably haul cargo up to the station. It will be the first commercial spacecraft to be berthed at the complex, and the mission will clear the way for the first commercial cargo delivery to the station later this year.

The launch had been slated for Feb. 7, but it recently was pushed back to give engineers more time to prepare for the flight.

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