Monday, December 12, 2011

Boeing hires last shuttle commander

The Boeing Co. today announced it has hired retired Navy captain and former NASA astronaut Chris Ferguson, commander of the last shuttle mission in July, to help develop the company's commercial crew capsule.

A veteran pilot and commander of three shuttle missions, "Fergie" officially retired from NASA last Friday and will join Boeing this Friday.

His new title: director of Commercial Crew Interface in the company's Space Exploration division.

"Chris' extraordinary managerial and spaceflight experience will be a significant asset to our team as we advance our development of the Commercial Crew Transportation System," said John Mulholland, Boeing's vice president for Space Exploration and Commercial Programs manager.

"He will help us address all aspects of human spaceflight requirements, not only for trained NASA astronauts but also for a broad spectrum of people interested in accessing low Earth orbit."

Ferguson will help integrate crew systems into the CST-100 capsule and have a lead role in their development and testing.

Boeing plans to assemble the capsule in a former shuttle processing hangar at Kennedy Space Center.

IMAGE: On July 17, 2011, NASA astronaut Chris Ferguson, STS-135 commander, in the Raffaello multi-purpose logistics module. The photo serves as the "after" shot following a great amount of work by joint crews from Atlantis and the International Space Station to transfer supplies to and from the two spacecraft. Approximately a week earlier Ferguson posed for the "before" version. Photo credit: NASA


J. said...

BRAVO Commander!!


Michael said...

"Fergie" is the singer for the Black Eyed Peas. "Fergy" is the former shuttle commander.