Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Houston receives "white room" from KSC pad

Houston may not have received a retired NASA orbiter, but it now has a key piece of a dismantled Kennedy Space Center launch pad to showcase.

CollectSpace Editor Robert Pearlman reported that the orbiter access arm removed from launch pad 39B, one of two former shuttle pads, had arrived at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

The "white room" at the end of the arm was a shuttle crew's last stop before boarding an orbiter for launch.

Space Center Houston is building a facility to display the access arm and other important shuttle program artifacts, and Explorer, a shuttle mockup now on display at the KSC Visitor Complex. KSC will display the orbiter Atlantis.

Read Pearlman's report here.

IMAGE: On Kennedy Space Center's launch pad 39B on June 20, 2009, a crane lowered the orbiter access arm, which ends in the White Room, toward the ground. The arm was removed from the Fixed Service Structure for the pad's conversion as the launch site for the Constellation Program's Ares I-X flight test. Credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett

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