Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vote For Top 10 All-Time Astronauts

So, now that the shuttle era of American space exploration is over, and we're looking both forward and back, who do you think rank among the the Top 10 space explorers of all time?

Yuri Gagarin? John Glenn? Story Musgrave? John Young? Robert " Hoot" Gibson? Dick Covey? Neil Armstrong? Alan Bean? Jim Lovell? Al Worden?

An online magazine called Txchnologist and sponsored by General Electric has a list.

Check out their Top 10 HERE.

And build your own list in our comments section. We'll try to tally the votes and publish our our Flame Trench Top 10.

Thanks in advance for your input. Because it's all up to you.

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Click to enlarge the NASA image of the Project Mercury astronauts -- America's first seven rocket riders.


Dr J said...

How about - in no particular order
1- Story Musgrave
2- Yuri Gagarin
3- Neil Armstrong/Buzz Aldrin
4- Valerina Tereshkova (blew the spelling, the first woman in space)
5- Harrison Hagen Jack Schmidt - the Geologist on the moon!
6- Sally Ride
7 - Guion Bluford - 1st African American in space
8 - John Young
9 -Sergei Krikalyov - 800+ days in space
10 - Christa McAuliffe - teacher in space (challenger) and Ron McNair - whom was to be the first musician in space
11 - Gene Cernan, the last man on the moon

dmdenzler said...

1. John Young
2. Neil Armstrong
3. James Lovell
4. Alan Shepard
5. Gene Cernan
6. Pete Conrad
7. Gus Grissom
8. Scott Altman
9. Scott/Mark Kelly
10.Michael Massimino

Honorable Mention: Thomas Stafford, Clayton Anderson, Peggy Whitson, Ken Bowersox, Charles Hobaugh, Eileen Collins

440hz said...

1. Neil Armstrong (not for the moon landing but for his handling of Gemini 8)
2. Yuri Gagarin
3. Buzz Aldrin
4. Alexei Leonov
5. Sergei Konstantinovich Krikalev
6. John Glenn
7. Valentina Tereshkova
8. James Lovell
9. Sally Ride
10. Mike Massimino

Todd Halvorson said...

My llist:

1. Sergei Krikalev
2. Neil Armstrong
3. John Young
4. Bob Crippen
5. Eileen Collins
6. James Lovell
7. Valery Polakov
8. Anatoly Solovyv
9. Story Musgrave
10. Michael Foale

Honorable mention: Tom Akers (a spacewalker on both the STS-49 Intelsat rescue mission and the STS-61 Hubble Space Telescope repair mission; and Mario Runco (because he looks just like Spock

TINY TIM said...

1. Crip

2 K.T

3 mcauliffe

4 scobee

5 nowak

6 Mike smith

7 story musgrave


9John young