Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spacewalker Tackles Plumbing Work On Station

The 10 people aboard Atlantis and the International Space Station are demonstrating the wide variety of skills astronauts need to have for space travel, and the tasks in the job jar today are definitely not glamorous.

A day after a spectacular spacewalk, the astronauts are fixing toilets and moving boxes.

Atlantis astronauts Chris Ferguson, pilot Doug Hurley and two mission specialists -- Sandra Magnus and Rex Walheim -- are spending the better part of their day moving stowage racks and cargo from the shuttle-launched Raffaello logistics module into the international outpost.

About five tons of food and supplies -- or about a year's worth -- were hauled up in the Italian-built moving van. An equal amount of surplus gear and trash will be stuffed into the module for the return trip home.

Space station flight engineer Ron Garan went from spacewalking Tuesday to plumbing today.

One of the toilets on the U.S. side of the station broke down Tuesday and Garan got the call to fix the potty. He has been busy exchanging air hoses and other parts to put the toilet back into service. In the meantime, the astronauts and cosmonauts have been using toilet facilities on the Russian side of the station and in Atlantis.


Joe "The Real Plumber" said...

Shi* always flows downhill...except if you are in space!Great job!

Anonymous said...

I guess it pays to have training from professional Long Island plumbers! I think i just might be qualified to be an astronaut.