Thursday, July 21, 2011

NASA officials greet crew

The crew has emerged from the crew transport vehicle and are being greeted by NASA officials including Administrator Charlie Bolden and John Shannon, shuttle program manager out of Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Launch Director Mike Leinbach also was among the well wishers along with Lori Garver, deputy administrator and Mike Moses, the shuttle launch integration manager.

Mike Nappi of United Space Alliance also greeted the astronauts as did Kennedy Space Center Director and former astronaut Bob Cabana.

Leinbach carried the Atlantis banner that he unfurled following the shuttle's launch on July 8.

The crew is now inspecting the orbiter including the tiles and the landing gear.


Unknown said...

While it is sad that the NASA shuttle era is over, I am excited to see what happens to the private sector of space exploration. I think the same competition that fueled our desires to go into space will be recreated by the private companies determined to go into space. I think that the new NASA will continue to make some remarkable discoveries.
I am glad the Atlantis made it back safely. Those astronauts made some great progress on the ISS and are a huge part of history. I wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors.

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TINY TIM said...

as far as i am concerned i think the accidents were avioidable nasa was playing russian roulette never got serious about the srm designs should have went with the asrm Bolted joints less leak paths should have adressed the bipod issue if they did we would not have lost one single crew we would have 4 orbiters columbia challenger and discovery and atlantis