Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spacewalkers Tackle Hook-Ups In "Rat's Nest"

Spacewalkers Drew Feustel and Mike Fincke are back on the Russian side of the International Space Station, rigging up two electrical power lines on the starboard side of the Zarya space tug.

The two Endeavour mission specialists are working in a "rats nest" of cabling -- a crowded jumble that is making the job challenging. The astronauts hooked up two power cables on the port side of the Zarya module earlier today, and finished that work in fast fashion.

The spacewalkers are stringing four cables between the U.S. Unity and Zarya modules. The cables will serve as backups to others that already route electricity from the U.S. segment to the Russian side of the outpost.

The cable hook-ups represent one of the two biggest tasks for the third of four spacewalks planned during Endeavour's stay at the station. The other -- mounting a base on Zarya or the station's Canadian-built robot arm -- already has been completed.

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