Tuesday, May 17, 2011

KSC workers get photo opt with Shuttle Atlantis

Hundreds of Kennedy Space Center workers are getting one of their final close-up looks at shuttle Atlantis today.

About 8 a.m. this morning the vehicle began its final move from a processing hanger to the Vehicle Assembly Building, where the external fuel tank and twin solid rocket boosters will be attached.

Hundreds of workers escorted the shuttle as it was slowly backed out of the hanger on a transported.

The shuttle will stay parked outside the VAB for about four hours to allow employees a chance for photos.

Atlantis' final crew of four, commander Chris Ferguson, pilot Doug Hurley, mission specialist Rex Walheim and mission specialist Sandy Magnus, also were on hand.

Launch is scheduled for mid July.

PHOTO: Atlantis is moved for the final time from its processing hanger to the Vehicle Assembly Building. Photo by Craig Rubadoux.

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