Friday, May 20, 2011

Endeavour spacewalkers install antennas

Endeavour spacewalkers are installing two antennas for a wireless communications system on the International Space Station, the final task planned for this morning's spacewalk.

After removing two handrails on the Destiny lab, Greg Chamitoff is replacing them with handrails integrated with the new antennas (left). Power and other cables must be connected.

Drew Feustel hooked up related wiring and Chamitoff will plug in two power cables.

Everything has gone according to plan during the first of the four spacewalks during Endeavour's final mission.

Earlier, the spacewalkers retrieved science experiments and set up a new one, installed a rail cart light and a protective cover on a solar array joint, and routed jumper cables to an ammonia coolant line.

Now about two-thirds complete, the spacewalk was scheduled to wrap up around 9:45 a.m. EDT.

Feustel has already begun performing some of the tasks that were scheduled later to prepare for the next two spacewalks.

Inside the station, crew members are transferring cargo between the shuttle and station.

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