Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shuttle Gantry Retraction Delayed One Hour

Blogger Update: The retraction of the Rotating Service Structure at Endeavour's oceanside launch pad will be delayed about an hour as a result of a band of thunderstorms approaching the Kennedy Space Center area.

The move, which is done in advance of external tank propellant loading operations, had been slated to begin about 7 p.m. But meteorologists say the approaching storm could bring lightning into the launch pad area during the retraction of the service structure.

A one-hour delay would not have any impact on plans to launch Endeavour and six astronauts at 3:47 p.m. Friday. NASA could delay the move four to five hours before pushing back the start of external tank propellant-loading operations.

The delay is not unexpected. Meteorologists all week have been forecasting the possibility of a storm front passing through the area tonight, presenting a potential delay in the rollback of the RSS.

Stay tuned.

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