Thursday, April 28, 2011

Share shuttle memories on new Facebook page

People send us photos and stories all the time about their work on the space shuttle program.

“I was there when . . .” is a common — and fascinating — conversation for me, as people who’ve worked on the shuttle team spin tales of their great adventures at the Kennedy Space Center.

We love capturing those moments and stories and it would be really to be able to share them with other people, who have similar memories, or cool photographs, or neat video snippets. Rather than being the middle man, we’re going to take advantage of existing technology to make it happen.

So, we’ve added a new page on the social-media sharing site Facebook — and a related one on Twitter @shuttle legacy — where everyone can share their space shuttle memories with us and with one another.

If you had a great memory of watching a launch, share it. A super-neat snapshot of yourself working at the launch pad or in an Orbiter Processing Facility, post it on the site. Others can see what you share, comment on it, and share their own material.

We’ll be posting our own memories, historic photographs and other material capturing historic moments too.

We hope the result is a living history of sorts, with the new twist that today’s technology makes it easy for us to have a sort of virtual reunion of people with a soft spot in their hearts for the space shuttle program.

We’re pairing with our own coverage of the 30th year of the shuttle program and this year’s final flights. It should make for a neat marriage of our news coverage and your memories.

Stories already are flowing in.

Mindy Degnon, the first person to share on the new Space Shuttle Legacy page on Facebook, offered this: “I got to see 2 shuttle launches, (and it) would have been 3 but the last night launch was impossible to attend.. It is an awesome experience!! I usually go to watch at a smaller park area next to the Space View Park. I will probably watch it from my apartment complex's garage rooftop in Orlando as I move out as a last hurrah! Going to miss watching shuttle launches.”

The nature of the social-sharing sites is the ability to have your friends and others you know see your ideas, photos, videos and interesting stuff online, and to talk about it with them. That shared experience is what we want to create for you and we hope to visit with you there.

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