Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Spacewalker Snares European Pallet

Discovery mission specialist Stephen Bowen stowed a European experiment pallet in the shuttle's cargo bay after fetching it from the outer hull of the Columbus science laboratory at the International Space Station.

Anchored to the end of the station's 57.5-foot Canadian robot arm, Bowen removed a single bolt holding the pallet to the lab.

Then arm operators Scott Kelly and Michael Barratt slowly moved Bowen to toward Discovery's cargo bay.

Bowen had time to watch the world turn on its axis on the way and then the veteran spacewalker stowed the pallet in a sidewall carrier in the cargo bay. A single bolt was used to secure the pallet, which will return to Earth next week along with Discovery

Click to enlarge the NASA TV screen grabs that show the move in progress:

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