Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Discovery hoping for Blue Sky

Discovery astronauts were awakened this morning to a live accoustic performance from Mission Control by Big Head Todd and the Monsters, whose tune "Blue Sky" won a contest to pick wake-up songs for the crew, pulling in 722,662 votes -- nearly 30 percent of the total.

"Did you just do that live?" radioed a surprised Discovery commander, Steve Lindsey.

"I did just do that live, and I believe it was a first in history," replied band leaderTodd Park Mohr.

"That was terrific, we really appreciate it."

Listen to the peformance here, and here's an excerpt of the lyrics:
"Fly home on your silver wings
With your new song for the world to sing
Light this candle, make it right
Yes you can change the world
True love discovers and
She stands, and she won't back down
Yes you can change the world
There is no other one
Believe and you will find blue sky."

The latest forecast from the Spaceflight Meteorology Group shows scattered clouds but no weather violations that would prevent a planned 11:57 a.m. EST Wednesday landing at Kennedy Space Center.

Discovery's crew of six this morning successfully tested the orbiter's wing flaps and rudder speed brake to make sure they're ready to help steer the ship during its glide through the atmosphere. A test-firing of thrusters is planned around 6:40 a.m.

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