Monday, February 28, 2011

Spacewalk Capped With Message In A Bottle

Discovery spacewalkers Stephen Bowen and Al Drew are back inside the International Space Station after pulling off a highly successful venture outside the outpost.

Drew re-entered the U.S. Quest airlock and was followed by Bowen. The two plugged their spacesuits back into station power sources and began pressurizing the airlock at 5:20 p.m., marking the end of the 154th spacewalk conducted in the assembly and maintenance of the outpost.

Bowen and Drew finished their work after their crewmates pumped up the volume with Sting and the Police’s “Message In A Bottle.”

They activated and retrieved a Japanese experiment with the same title – one aimed at capturing a sample of the vacuum environment and returning it to Earth for public display.

The spacewalk lasted six hours and 34 minutes.

Astronauts and cosmonauts now have logged 967 hours and 39 minutes of spacewalking work at the station.

Bowen and Drew will perform a second spacewalk at the station on Wednesday.

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