Friday, October 01, 2010

What Space Coast lawmakers are saying about NASA compromise

It didn't take long for our members of Congress to get their feelings out about the NASA compromise legislation passed this week. The bill gives NASA an extra shuttle mission next summer, money to start building a super-rocket for missions beyond Earth's orbit and roughly half the money President Barack Obama sought to seed commercial space taxi ventures.

Congress also directed NASA to build a spaceship for a mission to an asteroid by 2020 as part of the authorization bill, which was brokered in part by U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida (pictured at right with NASA chief Charlie Bolden).

The votes on funding won't come until after November's election. The policy bill passed on the last day of voting before most members rushed back home to campaign for themselves (or colleagues). So, predictably, legislators representing Brevard County immediately sent out a flurry of press statements. Check out what they said over at our Brevard Watchdog blog.


Anonymous said...

Montreal here,

I would have preffered a continuing resolution because I see
the current bill as a bad one. congress caved in after all of their outrage of the last few monts. China just launched its
second probe to the moon this morning, we know where they are
headed. Whish they had done it two or three days before, may-
be that would have woken up both the house and senate into
keeping the Altair developpement funded.

But at least continuing to develop some kind of heavy rocket
would give plenty of time for both congress and the next ad-
ministration to reenstate the Moon in the program as a desti-
nation. What the current administration doesn t get is that
it is the only place in the solar system close enough where
the techologies they want to develop for Mars or even the re-
diculus plan to visit an asteroid can be tested, I E THE MOON.

I think its time for an ex astronout to run as president, per-
haps then we would have someone in power who gives a dam about
NASA and manned space for more than the jobs it represents, or
at least they should run for a few key house and especially se-
nate seats. it is a Shame that Armstrong, Cernan and Lovell are to old, they would never let China be number ONE in space in the forseable future, I fear that this is where we are heading,


Anonymous said...

Montreal again,

Look, Sen Shelby sold out, He was so outraged at the begenning
of the year, he was going to fight this, not alow the Constel-
lation program to be axed. he was going to do everyting he had
to to overturn this ill advised new Obama plan.

What did he do. He voted YES on this compromise thing that
gust US MANNED SPACE for at least 5 years. The Ares 1 was pro-
bably doomed but Ares 5 was still alive to ber improved on, to
be turned into a four SRBs version so that everyting could be
put on top of it for flights to the Moon in one shot.

The dems don t have 60 votes anymore, He should have philibus-
tered and saved NASA, but he caved, proved he is just another
polititian, to bad.

Better luck next year.

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