Monday, October 25, 2010

Russian Resupply Ship Departs International Space Station

A robotic Russian resupply ship departed the International Space Station today, hauling off trash and surplus equipment that ultimately will be incinerated in a destructive dive back through the atmosphere.

The Progress 37 cargo ship undocked from the Russian Pirs docking compartment at 10:25 a.m. and will spend the next three weeks flying in an orbit a safe distance from the outpost. Russian flight controllers will perform a series of technology demonstration experiments before the spacecraft is sent plunging back through the atmosphere on Nov. 15. The spacecraft and its contents will burn up during reentry.

The Progress 37 spacecraft was launched April 29 from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and delivered 2.6 tons of oxygen, propellant and other supplies to the International Space Station.

Its departure cleared the way for the launch Wednesday of the Progress 40 cargo ship and a load of 1,918 pounds of propellant, 1,100 pounds of oxygen, 498 pounds of water and 2,804 pounds of food, spare parts and supplies for the crew of the 25th expedition to the station. The new Progress is scheduled to dock at the station on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

And you should be able to see both tonight when they make a pass between 7:24 and 7:29.

Anonymous said...

One Shuttle can bring seven times as much cargo plus crew. What a waste to stop the program and let the Russians do Americian jobs. What a smart idea from our leaders from Washington. Make sure you thank them at the election boxes. They are FIRED TOO!!!

Anonymous said...

More shuttle whining...jeez. Phony people who act like it's some kind of national security issue retiring the shuttles after 30 years are pathetic. It's called the International Space Station anyway...not the American Space Station.