Thursday, April 08, 2010

Nelson calls today's NASA news a "step" forward

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson reacts to today's NASA announcement.

"The announcement today that KSC will manage the commercial crew development effort is a step in the right direction. But there are still many miles to go. "

Remember the Florida Democrat has been pushing for the addition of one more shuttle flight and heavy-lift rocket test flights from Kennedy Space Center. Neither was mentioned today.


J Techwyn said...

I am still OUTRAGED at Senator Nelson's failure to say ANYTHING about Obama's horrific attempt to cancel our logical national goal of returning to the Moon. Even Burt Rutan has faulted the President for this inexplicable, despicable act. Yet Senator Nelson is totally silent. China has 3 missions slated for the Moon in this decade, and Rutan has pointed out that the greatest stimulation for our steadliy slipping science & math grades, for our national security, for our world preeminence can ONLY come from our long held national goal of returning Americans to the Moon and establishing a NASA/allies science outpost there. Mars and other vague, flexible ideas are a decoy and smokescreen for destroting ambitious NASA manned spaceflight. Sen. Nelson, lets finish the business America started July '69 - 1972. Sen. Nelson, for our kids, our leadership, our nation, lets reclaim the leadership of JFK who shouted, "WE CHOOSE THE MOON!!!!"

Anonymous said...

A step forward ? to what mediocrity ?

Anonymous said...

Nelson's failure to save our Human Space Flight program will be remembered in 2012 as the former KSC workers are still struggling to put food on their families tables. He will then find he has something in common with them, unemployment.

Nelson, Kosmas, and Posey all need to go for failing to do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

This senator reminds me more and more of "Meathead" of 'All in the Family"