Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cartoonist Jeff Parker weighs in on new Obama space plan


jerry w said...


Anonymous said...

It should have said: "To Colorado, which is a Swing State!" The decision to build a crew rescue vehicle, based on Orion, is just pandering to Colorado.

It will not help Florida, which will see one or maybe two additional launches per year.

It will not be useful in space - the CRV proposed will duplicate more proven vehicles. In a Station crisis, no one is gonna trust an Orion with little flight experience. At least the Soyuz is proven and lands on the ground. Why test an Orion escape vehicle and land in the water, where you have to wait for a Navy task force to come rescue you?

The Orion could duplicate three other vehicles - if it was trusted to bring logistics UP to the Station. Right now we have the Progress, the ATV, and the HTV. An occasional Orion rescue launch will not add much to that.

Orion does keep Lockheed Martin, Denver, busy and that helps the struggling Democratic politicians in that state. So - the decision is best understood as a contribution to the campaigns of that state.

Anonymous said...

I believe I had a SIGH without even realizing that I had done the same as the previous comment.
Not enough to keep us safe or into the next orbit where we need to be and in a decade the ´brain´power will be so diluted that we will have to man the vehicles with foreigners and (trust) them.
Not good, no matter the sugar coating that is given to it. One would have to be on another planet already to think differently or perhaps those who have ´walked the plank´get a new vision that is an mirage in the desert.
Where are the billionaires when we need them? There has to be some deals still to be made before their lives expire. The US is the capital of the space...where would a millionaire go? at the present orbit there will be a ´crowd´and at the next orbit probably only those who charge the US to take them to the present crowded orbit...Ahh! Vote!

Michael D. Kast said...

All of you people are simple dupes! Your fictional armchair realities are not based in actual fact. Just make-believe stuff passed on to us real people. For example, the Apollo missions were all faked. The ISS is just more Hollywood stuff. I can prove it! I am no idiot! Afterall, even any non-idiot can see that the Sun rises in the east, and revolves around a flat Earth, and sets in the West. Hence, it is a wonder where these scientists come up with such a concept of the Earth revolving the Sun.., go figure! All pictures taken of the Earth, from outer-space, show the Earth as flat, and disc shaped.
Obama, and his ilk are destroying the outer space adventure of mankind, ('...there are secrets beyond the veil...'A.Armstrong), which up to now has been led by the highest standard nation on Earth. Rather than simply cleaning out the bath water, with the baby safely aside.., he is throwing out the baby with the bath water! SAD! Sure, there are corruptions, and inefficiencies that need to be addressed and fixed, but to pull the rug out from under NASA, and expecting a handful of some interested entrpreneurs to pick up the pace of NASA is ridiculus, i.e., putting all your eggs in one broken down economic basket, i.e., jobs gone to outsourcing, millions being unproductive and on extended worker's comp, welfare, etc., is not exactly an area from which to base our Space Program upon. How stupid! Both sectors, private, and the agency NASA together in competition.., maybe, but not to dis-NASA, and place our future simply, and solely on the private sector. Besides, NASA is way underfunded IMO. NASA, our so-called civilian space agency could have a fund-raising drive perhaps, and perhaps for a hundred dollars, one could obtain a fancy share of some sort to frame up on the wall! Neat! If these anti-Constitutional bastards in Congress want to dis NASA.., lets end-run them for a change...
Imagine: Columbus returns to Spain, and makes his report to Ferny, and Isabella, and then the King and Queen dismantle the warfs, the boat-rights, the industry, outlaws sailing vessels, and only allows the construction of row-boats to venture forth on the flat Earth, i.e., no one will ever reach the dangerous edge of the Earth and fall off. Nor will humankind of that time expand it's horizons and make such discoveries which led to the creation of the U.S.A., with it's Constitutional powers as declared in the "Declaration of Independence", i.e., assume among the (despotic) powers of the Earth..,separation...(and therefore)are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..,...from the consent of the governed..." With socialism.., everything gets rationed.., and obviously this is happening to NASA. Shame on our dear leader obama and his ilk. He and his ilk can't seem to see the benefits all around us as a result of everyone's works involved with NASA, and support industries. American Asronauts hitching rides on Russian rockets at my expense as a taxpayer? Shame, shame, shame! VOTE THE BUMS OUT!