Thursday, April 22, 2010

Atlas V Rocket Being Fueled For Flight At Cape Canaveral

An Atlas V rocket is being fueled for flight at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station as United Launch Alliance aims to deploy a next-generation military spacecraft that looks like a mini-shuttle.

You can click the box above for live countdown coverage from our Florida Today blockhouse at Launch Complex 39 at Kennedy Space Center -- right across the marsh from Launch Complex 41, where the Atlas V is being prepped to launch the Air Force X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle.

See the full story HERE.

Liftoff remains scheduled for 7:52 p.m. -- the opening of a nine-minute window that extends through 8:01 p.m. There is a 90 percent chance the weather will be acceptable for flight.

You can watch a United Launch Alliance WEBCAST beginning at 7:32 p.m.

IMAGE NOTE: Still image from a live NASA video feed at Launch Complex 39, looking south toward Launch Complex 41.

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