Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Atlantis on its way to the pad

Shuttle Atlantis began its move to Kennedy Space Center launch pad 39A at 11:31 pm EDT. The 3.4-mile journey is expected to be completed at about 7 a.m., according to the NASAKennedy twitter feed.


Florida Villa Man said...

These things are awesome, last time we were over in Florida we did the NASA tour for the 4th time and you can never get over the size of the transporter that is used.
I always recommend a visit to the space centre. I really hope to make it over there for a launch sometime soon, the challenge then would be to find a good place to watch is from. My Father would also love to do it and so any recommendations on place to view it from would be appreciated as would be coming over from the UK. I remember hearing about a highway that people stop on to watch it but cannot remember which one it was.

MWFWC said...

It was "Breath-taking" watching the crawler move at 2 miles an hour. My husband had a car pass and our family went to every attempt. It was well worth the wait.
FLORIDA VILLA MAN: I have lived here my whole 43 years of life and I have heard the best place to view is in Titusville on US1 along the river. There are many places to stop and view. I have seen it from many different places in Brevard County and they were all good.

Graham ( England ) said...

I'm from the uk too,if you're going to do it hurry up because there's only three flights left before these iconic orbiters retire for good.!! September 16th is slated as the final one.

There's the offical viewing platform when you do the launch day tour isn't there.