Monday, February 01, 2010

NASA budget proposes transformed KSC

A summary of NASA's proposed fiscal year 2011 budget promises a transformed Kennedy Space Center.

The document offers few specifics but suggests a greater emphasis on research and development initiatives as well as development of "21st Century launch facilities and infrastructure."

The new role for KSC is included in a two-sentence section with a header saying the budget "revitalizes and realigns NASA."

"This Budget supports the revitalization of NASA to put in place the right workforce and facilities to function as an efficient 21st Century research and development agency," the document says.

"A major focus of this effort will be to create 21st Century launch facilities and infrastructure needed at Kennedy Space Center, transforming the facility to more effectively support future NASA, commercial, and other government launches."

It's not yet clear what the local workforce implications might be. More detail may emerge in a 12:30 p.m. NASA teleconference with Administrator Charles Bolden.

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