Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Check out Shuttle Shutdown coverage

FLORIDA TODAY is taking an indepth look throughout the year at the retirement of the space shuttle fleet and what that will mean for the Space Coast.

Here are some highlights, in case you missed them:

-FLORIDA TODAY turned to the experts to answer your questions about the upcoming layoffs of shuttle workers. We find out how many jobs are likely to be lost and who is most at risk. Click for answers.

-We looked at the shape of Brevard's economy now and talked to experts about how the Space Coast will weather the shuttle shutdown. Click here.

-FLORIDA TODAY checked in with Kennedy Space Center Director Robert Cabana to get his take on the busy year ahead - five final shuttle flights scheduled.

-Today, FLORIDA TODAY's Kennedy Space Center Bureau Chief Todd Halvorson looked at what President Barack Obama is likely to do with the U.S. human spaceflight program.

-We've also featured personal stories of shuttle workers and business owners who will see their lives changed in some form by the end of the shuttle program. You can read their stories and watch video interviews with them.

-And we have an interactive version of our latest Economic Barometer.

All of that and more can be found on our special Shuttle Shutdown page.

About the Image: The space shuttle Endeavour rolls out of the Vehicle Assembly Building on Jan. 6 at the start of its trip to the launch pad. Endeavour is scheduled for launch on Feb. 7 for a trip to the International Space Station. Photo By: Michael R. Brown

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