Sunday, September 06, 2009

Join the debate and vote on NASA's future

The White House is facing big decisions about NASA's human space flight program and we're launching a special online poll and town hall forum to find out what you think. Go right to the poll and town hall site now.

Should President Obama extend shuttle fleet operations?

Should the International Space Station be ditched in the Pacific in 2016 as planned?

Should NASA cancel the Ares I rocket and rely on commercial or military launchers to send up U.S. astronauts?

Should NASA go back to the moon? Straight to Mars? Or perhaps an asteroid?

A presidential panel completed its three-month study, including a series of public hearings in August. The group is set to deliver a report to the president this week. Many of the options that will appear in the report would mark a radical departure from NASA's current course.

All of the options will result in job losses at the Kennedy Space Center.

We'd like you to weigh in by voting on our 10 poll questions and sharing your more detailed thoughts in a week-long forum starting now.

You can interact there with our space reporters and editors as well as some special guests. You can find it all by clicking here now.

The poll will end Friday, with the results being published in Sunday's editions of FLORIDA TODAY.

Click here to visit the poll and town hall site now.


Gaetano Marano said...

in my new ghostNASA article __ __ I try to predict the CONTENT of the Augustine Commission's REPORT that should be available next tuesday and could be "built" around (just) FIFTEEN (clear, accurate, authentic, certain, incontestable, indisputable, indubitable, irrefutable, nailed down, no mistake, no two ways about it, sure, surefire, uncontestable, undeniable, unequivocable, unquestionable, unshakable and uncontroversial) points...

loutefree said...

Nasa work and workers should be treated with the same republican policies used by Bush-

Chaney to Globalize other industries and their workers. A prime example is the trading of Atomic

weapons to India for mango's, this brilliant strategy of giving expensive Taxpayer technology to a 3

world country in exchange for their local fruit, should be the example for Nasa. We could trade our

rocket and space technology for Russian Vodka, French Cheese, or Chinese won ton soup now that a

pattern has been set

Our workers at Nasa are just as overpaid as American Auto workers and we need to reduce

their ungodly burden from taxpayers. Let the market force them to compete with communist socialist

nations that doesn't have to pay for privatized for profit health care. No American ever needs to set foot

on the Moon ever again, nor go to Mars, it would be in keeping with our current republican policy

towards working Americans.