Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brevard Launches "Save Space" Letter Campaign

Brevard County leaders have launched a letter-writing campaign to pressure President Obama to keep a campaign promise to close NASA's planned gap human spaceflight after the space shuttle is retired.

Read Rick Neale's story about the campaign here, and a report about a local space forum held Monday here. And here's a county press release.

Supporters have launched the Web site SaveSpace.us.

The National Space Club's Florida chapter sent an e-mail directing people to the site and distributing letters to send to the White House. Read them

"Time is of the essence since the White House is now considering the options presented by the Augustine Commission," the e-mail says.

Obama created the Human Space Flight Plans Committee, led by former Lockheed Martin Corp. CEO Norm Augustine, this summer to review program options for NASA after the shuttle's planned retirement in 2010 or 2011.

Six sample letters on the organizers' Web site include one for students and two versions titled "I voted for you" that cite Obama's pledge to support human spaceflight - made during an August 2008 campaign stop in Titusville - as the reason he won local support.

John McCain carried 54.6 percent of Brevard's presidential vote last November, to Obama's 44.2 percent.


loutefree said...

What better way to save space exploration than to out source launch and resupply from a socialist communist nation. Personally having been a victim of Americans who were buying socialist manufactured cars and goods. I am hoping to live long enough to see space port Canaveral looking like Detroit an Flint Michigan. So all Americans can see the result of capitalism for profit and tax cuts for corporations gone hay wire.

Big Chief said...

Been there, done that, I wrote Bill Nelson pleanty of emails to keep the space program going, it now looks like a last stand at the Alamo for Brevard and the space program. Yes Loutefree, its going to be like Detroit in Brevard. No Sea Ray, No tourist, no space program, and next city workers because there is no one to collect taxes from since they all moved.

Anonymous said...

The community needs to get moving on writing the letters as proposed the leaders in the article. If we can't energize ourselves to support the space program then we can't really whine when the rest of the country doesn't appear too interested.

loutefree said...

No need to write letters, the same people against big government socialized spending on health care. Should be opposed to big government socialized space exploration. Especially since it can be out sourced to communist socialized nations.

Anonymous said...

Under President Obama, the U.S. will become an undeveloped nation. The U.S. was first in manufacturing, aviation and space exploration. Now, it is only 1st in space exploration; until, the Space Shuttle is retired. China will become #1. The U.S. will not a manned access into space after next year. We can spent $200 billion on AIG. President Obama only cares about the bank executives, not the U.S. middle class worker. After spending billions on the Space Shuttle, the U.S. is throwing everything away. The U.S will be begging Russia and China for a ride to our space station. The President, Senate and Congreee have NO COMMON SENSE!

Anonymous said...

President Obama can spend $200 billion on AIG; but, he will not save U.S. skilled aerospace workers' jobs by extending the Space Shuttle program.

The U.S. government will be laying off 7,000 skilled workers at KSC, not counting the other NASA locations, due to the termination of the Space Shuttle Program. After spending billions on the Space Shuttle, the U.S. is throwing away its investment.

The U.S. should be maintain the current Space Shuttle, until a second-generation Space Shuttle is developed. Next year, the U.S will be paying Russia to carry our astronauts to our space station.

Do not send U.S. tax dollars to Russia!!
-- save U.S. skilled aerospace jobs!
--- Save the Space Shuttle Program!!!!!

Anonymous said...

loutefree is a cynical small minded piece of rat dropping.

Anonymous said...

to want to see Port Canaveral and its people fail makes you one sick individual

Anonymous said...

To who it may concern,

i am writing this letter because i visited the Kennedy space station when i was 5 years old and was absolutely in awww. I love astronomy and engineering. I am 14 now and i would love nothing more to do what amazes me. I've got friends who want to get to higher levels in math and there career but not me. I want to go beyond that. Well i guess the point of this is that i love what astronauts do and i want to get the highest level of education to do it. Space is my dream and No one is going to ever get in the way of that... No one.
PS: I've got the determination to do what i want and that will never go away. men and women risk there lives everyday to go into space and i just love and admire each and everyone of those men and women.