Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stephen Colbert talks about space shuttle launch

Comedian Stephen Colbert is set to be on NASA TV tomorrow evening, with a message about his part of NASA's next mission to the space station.

Colbert has taped a message to air on NASA TV at 7:15 p.m. Monday and you can watch it here. Colbert has a piece of equipment named after him on this flight -- a treadmill that will be a permanent fixture on the space station.

He had originally lobbied to get his name attached to an entire space station module, but NASA did not relent to months of heavy campaigning by the Comedy Central star.

Our own Chris Kridler attempted this week to catch up with Colbert to ask him about the treadmill bearing his name.

He wasn't available. A network publicist passed along this quote instead via e-mail.

"I'm so proud my treadmill will be going into space to help trim down those famously fat astronauts. Lay off the Tang, Chubby!"

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