Saturday, August 15, 2009

Space panel updates Obama team

The Human Space Flight Plans Committee met with White House science and technology policy team members and NASA senior managers on Friday.

And, in a brief text update, the committee reports that it delivered the White House and NASA brass the same list of options that were discussed publicly on Wednesday.

Here's the full text of the short update they sent out:

"Today, Norm Augustine and the committee members met with OSTP and NASA senior management. It was basically a recapitulation and honing of what was presented in the public session on Wednesday, August 12. As we have advertised, this committee was governed by the Federal Advisory Committee Act and the members took that charge seriously. OSTP/NASA got essentially what the public got on Wednesday. The next step is to prepare the final report which will add more depth and text around what was presented and decided on Wednesday, but it will contain all the same primary messages. Report availability date is TBD."

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