Friday, July 24, 2009

United Launch Alliance jobs to be lost

United Launch Alliance is about to cut 224 jobs nationwide, including 123 from its Cape Canaveral launch operations team.

The company, a joint venture between The Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp., is in the second phase of long-planned 2009 job reductions. The reduction in force will be effective Oct. 15. Employees already have been notified, company officials said.

The primary reason for jobs being lost at Cape Canaveral is the restructuring of the Delta II rocket program and the last launch, scheduled for mid-August, of the current generation of Global Positioning System spacecraft.

"We are now closer to the point in time where we will see a much reduced launch rate for Delta II," company spokeswoman Julie Andrews said. The launch alliance also operates Boeing's Delta IV and Lockheed's Atlas V rockets.

The company is working on counseling and placement services for workers who are let go.

ULA's adjustment is part of a broader downsizing of the space industry in Brevard County.

United Space Alliance, which operates the space shuttle fleet for NASA, this month announced layoffs of around 240 Kennedy Space Center workers.

In 2011, after the retirement of the space shuttle fleet, various studies estimate between 3,500 and 7,000 more KSC jobs could be lost.


Bill Hubbard said...

Good Luck to all affected.

Anonymous said...

Would the last person to leave Brevard County please turn off the lights?