Monday, May 11, 2009

Live at KSC: Shuttle fueling nears completion

LIVE IMAGES: Refresh this page for updates and the latest live images from cameras at Kennedy Space Center's launch pad 39A and the Air Force 45th Space Wing's weather channel.

Fueling of the space shuttle Atlantis is proceeding smoothly at the Kennedy Space Center, where the sun has risen over the seaside launch pad on what is expected to be a near-perfect weather day for a shuttle flight.

NASA's astronauts are awake. The three-hour operation to fill the external tank with about a half-million gallons of super-cold propellants should be wrapped up before the end of the hour. There are no technical issues being reported by NASA.

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Conor said...

The hydrogen ECO sensors haven't caused any problems for a few launches now. Presumably soldering was the answer, although I don't recall reading anything about the problem recently.