Friday, May 08, 2009

Live at KSC: Countdown Clocks Poised To Pick Up

NASA aims to pick up a countdown to launch Atlantis Monday on a Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission while continuing to prep Endeavour to blast off on a rescue mission if need be.

You can watch all the action unfold right here in The Flame Trench, where we'll webcast live coverage of the first STS-125 countdown status briefing at 10 a.m.

NASA Test Director Jeremy Graeber will brief the news media along with Debbie Hahn, the STS-125 payload manager, and Shuttle Weather Officer Kathy Winters. Simply click the NASA TV box at the righthand side of the page to launch our NASA TV viewer and live coverage.

A three-day launch countdown will begin at 4 p.m., and we'll have live coverage of the arrival of the STS-125 crew at NET 5 p.m.

A big day on the Space Coast.

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Click to enlarge and save the Associated Press photo of shuttle Discovery blasting off March 15 on a mission to deliver the fourth and final set of massive American solar wings to the International Space Station.

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