Monday, April 20, 2009

Share your Apollo memories

Throughout this year FLORIDA TODAY will honor the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing in 1969.

We're planning a special event in May where people who worked for the program, shared in its success, were space fans and even children of folks from that era, can share stories, photographs and mementos.

We would like to record your stories and photograph your mementos for a special web site featuring this unique collection of memories for everyone to view, discuss, reminisce and research.

Our special event, Remembering Apollo, will be held at the BCC Planetarium on May 9, 2009. At this event we'll have space-program veterans and memorabilia experts on hand to look at your items and talk with you about them. We also will photograph your mementos and may even interview you on video.

Click here to find out more, share your stuff and sign up.


Conor said...

I'm from the UK, and have followed the American space pogramme since Mercury.
Flew to Florida for the launches of Apollo 15 and Apollo 17. Still got the photos of both of course, which I must get round to transferring to digital media.
Souvenirs include a couple of copies of Florida Today, but I haven't looked at them for years.

Ray_Osborne said...

I wrote a story on Apollo 17 which I published in my blog,
Time Passages.

Apollo 17 was the most recent of our landings on the Moon. Interesting mission, they had to repair a fender on the
Moon buggy. Geologist astronaut Gene Schmitt found orange
soil in a crater.

And a vowe " God willing, man will return."