Friday, April 24, 2009

Nelson keeps pressing for Bolden to be NASA chief

From Eun Kyung Kim in Washington:

Seems that U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson isn't the only one backing his friend, Charles Bolden, to be the next NASA administrator.

"I happened to bump into Sally Ride today, and she said the same thing: Charlie would be great," Nelson said Thursday afternoon during a meeting with reporters on an unrelated topic.

Bolden co-piloted the 1986 space shuttle flight that included Nelson, and his name is among the few considered as potential candidates for NASA administrator.
Nelson said he's not sure why the White House continues to delay making an announcement.

"There is some political center that is slow walking this. And I don't know what it is, who it is, or why," the Orlando Democrat said. "But all of the competition has either dropped out or been put someplace else? I don't know anybody else who is in serious contention."

In addition to Ride, the first American woman in space, Nelson said another NASA icon also has lobbied the Obama administration on naming an adminstrator quickly.
"I've had John Glenn call the White House and weigh in on this," he said.


Anonymous said...

You represent all that is wrong with America, Mr. Nelson.

Anonymous said...

It just shows how gullible all those union workers at ksc are....remember the big promises when obama came to titusville during the campaign....and he still hasn't lifted a finger to pick a chief for one of the largest federal agencies..almost a good as when the boeing contractors went on a strike, forcing companies to send dozens of commercial launches to Russia and ensuring the shutdown of their program in a year or two......jokes on you.

Anonymous said...

Nelson is killing nasa

Jim said...

Bill Nelson is all that is standing between NASA being run by a pro like Gen. Bolden and some of the amatures in the Obama Admininstration who have delusions of grandeur. I'm not a Democrat. And I worked hard during the last presidential campaign to get McCain in the White House. But I'm also not a fool who let's Party affiliation stand in the way of recognizing who is doing good for America's Space program. And Sen. Nelson is trying hard to help NASA when some in the Obama Administration, blinded by ambition, want to manage NASA without the knowledge or experience to do so.

Anonymous said...

Nelson could be a fine senator if only he'd do what he really thinks is right instead of always towing the party line. The guy is right about Boldin for a nice change. But space fans I think it's really not important to the Obama administration to carry on with moon missions and so forth. He wouldn't be in the spotlight and some low life astronauts would be getting heroic parades thru Time Square and that just can't be condoned.